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Todd Andrew, Andrew General Contractors, Inc.

Todd Andrew was in the third grade when he assumed his first role as general contractor.

"I was a fort builder when I was a kid," he told GrowthSpotter. "I was the head fort builder in the neighborhood and was able to find good, qualified labor."

Project management came naturally to the third generation builder. He had been been exposed to power tools his entire life since his grandfather owned a home construction business.  

"My father would come out and perform the building inspection," he said. More than once, he failed inspection. "It forced us to improve our construction skills."

Despite the early start in the business, it wasn't until Andrew was well into his sophomore year at University of Florida that he realized construction was his true calling. "My major was in marketing, but as I rode my bike around campus, there were a lot of projects under construction and I found myself intrigued by them," he said. "I had this deep desire in my soul to understand what was going on at those job sites."

He changed his major, and though it took an extra year of study, he graduated with a B.S. in Building Construction in 1987. Less than a decade later, he started his own company: Andrew General Contractors, which celebrates its 20th annivesary this year. 

He said he's drawn to highly complex construction projects - the more technical the better. Some of his most memorable jobs were the Village on the Green skilled nursing care wing, and the chiller plant at The Amway Center.

Andrew and his wife, Sandy, live in Winter Park with their three children, Conner, 19; Claire, 17; and Logan, 14. In his free time, Andrew enjoys hunting and fishing with the kids and their yellow Labrador, Grits. 

"He's an excellent duck retriever - ducks and doves," Andrew said.  

Laura Kinsler
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