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What is GrowthSpotter?

GrowthSpotter delivers you news and information about all things real estate, from changes in the Central Florida commercial real estate landscape to movements made among developers and investors.


• Breaking news earlier than any other source
• Exclusive insights on transactions and local projects
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Who is GrowthSpotter?


GrowthSpotter began in 2015 and quickly gained the approval of the community. Winning the 2015 Editor & Publisher Award for Best Business Website in its first year, GrowthSpotter is valued by not only its audience but also the news industry.


GrowthSpotter is a product of Orlando Sentinel Media Group, with its own dedicated staff delivering you the relevant information you need to move your needle.

Meet GrowthSpotter's dedicated staff:


Bob Moser
Laura Kinsler


Who reads GrowthSpotter?


GrowthSpotter doesn't just report on the People to Know but they are also our readers.


Breakdown of the Key Industries
of GrowthSpotter Subscribers


? Real Estate Brokerage Firms
? Property Manager Firms
? Construction/Builders
? Real Estate Development Groups
? Real Estate Investment Groups
? Engineering/Architecture Groups
? Financial Lenders




7 out of 10 GrowthSpotter subscribers
work in one of the seven key industries.





"GrowthSpotter has become the start to my mornings. The timely detailed reporting is unsurpassed by any of the other commercial real estate publications in Central Florida."
- Dustin Bowersett, Colliers International

“GrowthSpotter - Fresh facts give immediate insight.”
- Gil Daniel, Southeastern Realty Group

"GrowthSpotter is more essential than my morning coffee. It provides the necessary information I both want and need. A must-read for a developer or anyone in the construction industry. A true time saver and my best investment ever."
- Don Gordon, Gordon Companies

"The information I get from GrowthSpotter helps me stay on top of current development trends and allows us to react to an evolving market. I appreciate the professionalism and quality of work from the entire GrowthSpotter team which is why I subscribe."
- Hector Lizasuain, Magic Development, LLC

"I was delighted to discover GrowthSpotter and immediately subscribed to their online service. What’s been most valuable is the in-depth coverage of future projects which keeps me continually informed and saves me valuable research time."
- Sandy Winkler-Ehmer, The Wieland-Davco Corp.

"With their focus on in-depth reporting and dedication to the upkeep of the ‘Development Projects’ database, GrowthSpotter has quickly become one of my go-to sources for ahead-of-the-curve market knowledge."
- Paul Sexton, HREC Investment Advisors



GrowthSpotter Subscriber Benefits


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