Land owner seeks commercial use options in path of Daryl Carter Pkwy extension

Highlighted in blue are the 220-plus acres owned by affiliates of The Kerina Group in the immediate vicinity of Apopka Vineland Road, Palm Parkway and the future Daryl Carter Parkway extension.
Highlighted in blue are the 220-plus acres owned by affiliates of The Kerina Group in the immediate vicinity of Apopka Vineland Road, Palm Parkway and the future Daryl Carter Parkway extension. (Orange County Property Appraiser / staff edit)

A primary land owner in the path of the future 1.6-mile extension of Daryl Carter Parkway wants to amend zoning to allow retail and other commercial uses, meant to open the area up to new development on the horizon.

The change is being sought by The Kerina Group, a land owner with more than 220 acres northwest of the Daryl Carter Parkway extension and Lake Ruby, bordering both sides of S. Apopka Vineland Road. Kerina's principals, based in Israel and Switzerland, have local assets represented by Kathy Keller of the The Marcent Group.


Kerina filed a change determination request on Monday to amend the Parkside Planned Development and Land Use Plan, a zoning district spanning more than 480 acres that until now has allowed low- and medium-density residential in the area.

Early insight on plans for more than 560 apartments along Daryl Carter Parkway near a future I-4 interchange, and how they match up to neighboring development.

Kerina wants the PD-LUP to include a mix of uses like neighborhood retail, office/medical office, multifamily and senior living along Apopka Vineland Road, and replace a large number of approved townhomes with more single-family residential units (both attached and detached) east of Apopka Vineland Road.

It also recently filed for a PD Comprehensive Plan designation in February that is pending, so it and the new PD-LUP amendment request should move through county review concurrently.

Adding uses within the PD is consistent with Orange County's Comp Plan, and is in line with long-term growth objectives to maximize uses within the urban service area, said Miranda F. Fitzgerald, co-chair of the land use practice group at Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A., and attorney for The Kerina Group.

"The county no longer wants to have just a sea of residential use," she told GrowthSpotter. "Our view is by bringing neighborhood commercial uses into this area in particular the time is right, the road extension will be a game changer, and ultimately we'll also have the new interchange at I-4 and Daryl Carter Parkway."

The road extension, which would run between Palm Parkway and Apopka Vineland Road in the Dr. Phillips area, is funded both publicly and privately for construction but has yet to begin.

The latest on a highly anticipated new I-4 interchange in the tourist corridor, and how a major retail development is progressing in anticipation.

Pulte Homes will build the first third of the road extension, from Palm Parkway up to a point near Hilton's Parc Soleil Resort. Orange County will build the rest, with funding reserved in its capital improvements plan.

Pulte and other private land owners in the road's path have made headway in the last few days in finalizing details with Orange County, said Daryl M. Carter, president of Maury L. Carter & Associates, which represents more than 127 acres of undeveloped land in a direct path of the extension.

He anticipates Pulte starting work on the extension within  this year. Carter and Kerina are working on final details of the Joint Planning Agreement, where land owners will pay for simultaneous installation of utilities even though the road construction will be done under county contract.

Pulte is motivated to take the lead because its nearby project demands it. The first few hundred feet of roadway will run through 15 acres where Pulte has plans to build 132 townhomes, which neighbor the 236-lot Ruby Lake Estates it has been building since last year.

Orange County Public Schools owns 25 acres of former Kerina Group land on S. Apopka Vineland Road, just north of the future extension's westernmost connection, which it has earmarked for a future middle school.

OCPS and Kerina had been discussing a trade of that site in the past two years for another Kerina-owned property next to about 50 acres the school district bought in late 2016 for a future high school.

But those talks have since dissolved. OCPS will stick with the middle school site it owns, and Kerina Group will continue to market its land west of the high school site to private developers.

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