Cell phone relief coming to Maitland

For those who are thick in negotiations on their cell phones while driving on Interstate 4 near Maitland, only to see the call suddenly lost, a solution is coming courtesy of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

The church, which is just off I-4 on Trinity Woods Lane, is leasing 6.3 acres to a cell tower company to put up a 110-foot wireless communication rig that will bolster coverage in that area. The tower will primarily be for Verizion but other carriers can piggyback off of it.


The applicant, APC Towers of Morrisville, N.C, is asking Seminole County for a special exemption of land use to move forward.

The problem is a chronic one, not because there are a lack of towers in the area, said Michael Short, development project manager at APC.


The reason is I-4 has gotten so busy, as well as surrounding local roads, that there are overcapacity problems, Short said.

Calls are dropped, fade in and out and make for a potentially dangerous situation if an accident occurs and communication is impossible, he said.

Maitland, which is at exit 90, just outside Orlando, "does carry a lot of traffic," said Steve Olson, spokesman for the Florida Department of Transportation.

On an averge day, 155,000 autos travel through that area on I-4, Olson said.

On top of that local roads North Lake Darling and Wymore add another 16,000 cars.

The parcel on the Greek Orthodox Church is set away from the main church area, vacant and will be fenced off. A spokeswoman for the church declined to discuss the arrangement.

Short declined to talk about the cost of the lease but did say it would involve monthly payments and the tower will cost $125,000 to $150,000.

The tower looks more like a large flagpole, designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and will be painted a color that will blend in with its background.


Short said ADC hopes to get to work in October and have the tower up four weeks from the start day.