A new Lake County charter school is planned for this land at the east end of South Avenue in Minneola.
A new Lake County charter school is planned for this land at the east end of South Avenue in Minneola. (Google Street View)

A subsidiary of Academica, a Miami-based charter school provider, has purchased land at the east end of South Street in Minneola to build a K-8 charter school.

A deed recorded late Thursday transferred the property from Schoolhouse Finance of Arlington, Virginia, to Minneola School Development LLC, and listed the sale price for the vacant land at the east end of South Avenue as $950,000.


An exact legal description to help determine parcel size was not yet posted on the Lake County Clerk's website, as of late Thursday.

The City of Minneola approved the site's zoning in December for a school under the name "Pinecrest Lake Academy." Earlier, another entity called Imagine Schools had proposed a charter school at the site, a city official said.

The developer may still be seeking a general contractor for the project, based on listings found online Thursday for GC bids related to Pinecrest Lake Academy.

Academica did not return calls for comment on Thursday.

Minneola's consulting planner, Jeff Richardson, said Academica provided general plans for the school for the zoning approval, but is in the process of submitting detailed construction plans and drawings for the city to review.

The Lake County School Board approved the charter school last October after more than a month of debate, the Orlando Sentinel reported. One school board member was worried about the financial stability of the operator. The district lost two charter schools in June.

The Sentinel reported that the company's Orlando school, Pinecrest Preparatory Charter School, operates with an annual loss and received loan from its parent company.

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