PD&E bids sought for extension of Lake County's C.R. 455 to Wellness Way

Lake County is looking for a consultant to provide project planning, engineering, and environmental analysis services for an approximate 3.5-mile extension of C.R. 455 from Hartwood Marsh Road to Wellness Way, opening a back-door entrance to South Lake County's new planned growth corridor.

Tasks required are engineering services for project development and environmental studies considering the environmental effects, along with environmental documents, engineering reports, and public involvement and hearings.


Administration management services and technical reviews of all the work would follow, related to development and preparation of the studies.

Other studies would include the addition of lanes to the existing two-lane sections of C.R. 455 extensions from Hartwood Marsh Road to Wellness Way, and developing a conceptual plan. More details can be found at Lake County's Procurement Services Division website.


A public involvement element of this project will distinguish it from other roadway design projects in Lake County. The consultant must prepare a Public Involvement Plan, and conduct three public input meetings.

Each potential vendor should include proof of insurance capabilities, and are responsible for subcontractors and their insurance.

The RSQ no. 17-0014 proposals are due by 3 p.m. on May 24.

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