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Brian Capo, Marcus & Millichap

There are myriad reasons why it’s not surprising Brian Capo fell headlong into tournament fishing:

No. 1: He’s an 8th generation Floridian. A native of Hollywood’s east side, Capo rode his bike to the beach as a child;

No. 2: Though he’s definitely a salt-water guy, lakes will certainly do. Capo calls Saint Cloud home, and although he already lives in a lake house, his new home on the shores of Alligator Lake is under construction with permits for a dock already in place;

No. 3: He likes to win, and works hard to do it. Case in point: Capo has been the top Orlando associate by sales revenue at Marcus & Millichap through the first five months of this year.

The drive to stay on top is fierce. Capo regularly wakes at 4:30 a.m., heads downtown, exercises at his office building around 5:15 a.m. and goes to work immediately after.

“I am a driven individual … and there is pressure at the top,” he tells GrowthSpotter. Everyone wants to be no. 1, he acknowledges, and “you are always looking over your shoulder.”

That drive is the main reason Capo fell out of competitive fishing. His partner, you see, was crazy-competitive, too.

“My buddy is a Captain with Southwest Airlines and a former Marine. He was, back then, looking for a fishing partner and we were friends, so I decided to do it.”

The prey was redfish, a popular sport. Common up and down the eastern seaboard, they do very well in Florida’s bays and estuaries and folks here fish them year-round.

Capo and his partner were fierce competitors in the FLW Redfish Series, traveling all over the state, east and west coast, roughly one tournament a month.

“It was pretty time-consuming,” he says. “We would go to the area we were going to fish and take the camper there about four weeks ahead of the tournament. I would take Fridays off and we’d scout and pre-fish the location on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’d study the tidal patterns, the feeding patterns. It was pretty serious.”

The duo would usually place for cash prizes in the tournaments, he says, and sometimes win big titles, too. In 2007, they won a championship title up in Orange Beach, Alabama.

But these days, fishing has gone back to what Capo enjoys most: a hobby. His wife Amie and 15-year-old daughter Emma (pictured above) love to fish, too. The family will be headed to the Keys for two weeks this summer with big game on their agenda.

“Dolphin, sailfish, wahoo …” Capo rattles off. “And we’ll also be going for snapper and grouper. We like to catch our dinner, too.”

And their home décor.

“We have a 9-and-a-half-foot sailfish on our wall that Amie caught,” he notes proudly.

Fighting big fish in the water, even strapped to a chair, can be daunting. But most people would still take that battle over a fire walk. Capo, however, chose to overcome that fear while attending a Tony Robbins seminar.

“I did get a small coal stuck between my toes,” he laughs. “But they have people at the end of the walk who pull you onto a wet mat and spray your feet down.”

The fire clearly took root in his professional life. And for that, Capo, an admitted “deal junkie,” is grateful. He appreciates the parallel between his hobby on the water and time at the office.

“I really enjoy both,” he says. “Neither of them seem like work.”

And though he’d certainly like to spend more time fishing in the Keys and elsewhere, Capo speculates he’ll never completely retire. He enjoys the commercial real estate industry too much.

A.D. Thompson
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