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Jill Rose, BishopBeale

Jill Rose is a New Jersey girl, which means that loving Springsteen – in particular when your home town shares a border with his – is in the contract.

That said, even The Boss owned property in Wellington a while back, so it’s not surprising that Rose made haste from the Garden State to the Sunshine State by age 21. She hasn’t looked back since.

Rose has been at her present vice president post with BishopBeale Realty in Orlando for four years, handling primarily the sale and lease of retail, but admits she has a special place in her CRE heart for land deals.

“I don’t know why, it’s just something I always kind of gravitated towards,” she told GrowthSpotter recently. “So I also do a lot of land transactions – not just for retail, but multifamily, as well.”

We caught Rose on the heels of a big 20-acre deal out near UCF that’s slated for student housing. She began her college career at a small school in Pennsylvania, where she played soccer. The sport had been Rose’s passion since childhood, but college-level play wasn’t enough to keep her in the snow belt.

“I took myself out of college in my third semester,” she explains. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life….”

Rose got a job, of course, but a vacation visit to a friend’s home in Orlando – Waterford Lakes, to be precise – was fresh in her mind.

“We visited UCF and I loved it so much!” she recalls. “The weather and people were so nice.”

Rose returned to Jersey, but the visit had made an indelible mark.

“I applied to UCF on my own, paid for the application and didn’t tell anyone,” she laughs. “It’s funny how naïve you are at that age – I was 19 – and I called Admissions every day. They had 38,000 students and I’m calling them every day, ‘Did I get in?!’”

Finally, Rose – then working as a travel agent for AAA – heard the news she was hoping for.

“The lady on the phone said, ‘Oh, Jill! I’ve been waiting for your call. You got in!’ And I just started crying.... That night I went home and told my parents I was moving to Orlando.”

Her path to commercial real estate is one-of-a-kind, as well. Before BishopBeale, Rose was with Colliers International for eight years, where she started in the marketing department.

“I’m seeing the cars people are buying,” she laughs, “the vacation homes that the brokers own, the checks that are coming in, and I turned to my boss, Susan Morris, and said, ‘Look, I’ll do this for a little while, but I want to be you!’”

Morris was all-in as a mentor. Rose was promoted in 18 months; the first person in Colliers’ local history to be promoted from marketing to brokerage.

Soccer remained a passion, though, and until torn ligaments in both ankles sidelined her play, Rose was very active in the Winter Park Sport and Social Club, where the competition was fun and friendly – but admittedly fierce.

Rose laughs that she can’t be a fan of Orlando City Soccer Club because she can’t play anymore. But she does look forward to coaching at some point when her son L.J., now 5, finally discovers the game.

Rose, too, is all about new discoveries. She has hunted for personal growth through college and career, and is now hunting actual game.

The weekend before our interview, Rose bagged her first deer with a .30-06 rifle.

“Eighteen feet in the air in a tree stand, in full camo!” she says.

It’s a new hobby Rose is enjoying, spending time in the city of Starke, where her boyfriend has a hunting lease. The Jersey girl, decades later, is becoming a bit more Florida than even she ever expected, wearing Realtree gear and shopping for rifles on Black Friday.

“Maybe I’ll get some pink camo,” she laughs.

A.D. Thompson
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