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Hammond Electronics sells Orlando HQ to distributor of nail supplies

Former Hammond Electronics headquarters at 1230 W. Central Blvd. in Orlando.

Forty-plus years ago, when Hammond Electronics moved into its headquarters at 1230 W. Central Blvd. in Orlando, the office space in the building was thrumming with employees for the small electronic components supplier, which boasts locations across the Southeast.

"Back in the 70's (when the building was built) there were many more people in the office," David Klein, vice president and CFO, told GrowthSpotter. But technology has curtailed the staff needed to run the company, he said, so now the 25,000 square feet of active office space in the 45,000-square-foot building seems cavernous.


Hammond sold its building to Sunny Beauty Supplies for $2.34 million on May 27, and plans to downsize within the next 90 days.

Hammond will move to 4494 John Young Parkway for 19,000 square feet of leased warehouse space that is more appropriately configured, said Klein. It's also close to the company's factory on John Young Parkway.


Meanwhile, Sunny Beauty Supplies, a national distributor of nail salon supplies, will enter the Hammond space as a much needed expansion opportunity, said Johnny Ho, company president.

Sunny Beauty currently operates out of 9,000 square feet of leased space, with the new building to offer significant expansion opportunity.

Sunny Beauty provides all the supplies it takes to open up a new nail salon, said Ho. While there are about four other nail supply companies in the area, Ho says Sunny Beauty doesn't' compete directly in Greater Orlando, operating primarily as a national wholesaler.

The company was purchased in 2011, with Ho retaining the name, and business has been escalating since.

"It's kind of like beer. They say people buy beer in good and bad times," he told GrowthSpotter. "And people get their nails done in good and bad times too."

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