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East Orlando meat business to double in size with new commercial kitchen

East Orlando's Circle R Beef hopes to break ground next month on a new 15,000-square-foot production facility that will allow the business to grow and expand its product line, the owner told GrowthSpotter.

"We're doubling the size of everything," Mark Rutkosky said on Thursday. Total investment for the new plant will "be in the millions."


The company operates a commercial kitchen that sells pre-cooked beef and pork to food distributors, restaurants and hotels.

Circle R Beef has been selling pre-cooked roast beef for 45 years.

"We're known for our roast beef," Rutkosky said. "We also do Mojo Pork loins and butt. That's one of our big movers."


Rutkosky's father, Albert, started the company in 1972. It currently operates out of a 6,800-square-foot facility on Hanging Moss Road. The company paid $300,000 in May for a vacant lot just around the corner, at 2219 Mercator Dr.

The new plant will have four steam ovens -- each can cook 4,000 pounds of meat at a time.

"We do it sous vide style, low and slow, so it's very consistent," Rutkosky said. "Once we get in and get established, we'll add a couple of smokers. We want to expand our product line, so we're looking at doing smoked brisket and maybe some sausages and short ribs."

When it opens the new facility, Circle R Beef will able to cook 16,000 lbs. of meat at one time.

The company, which now employs 12 people, will also be able to hire more workers.

The design-build contract is with Precision Building Construction, and Civil Design Solutions is the project engineer.

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