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Landmark plant nursery in Mount Dora changes hands

Yard Stop’s new owner has already invested in more inventory.

The Yard Stop Garden Center at 4200 South Highway 19-A in Mount Dora was sold on Monday to its current operator, who has been renting the land for about a year, the nursery's manager and new owner told GrowthSpotter.

Roger I. Biederman, who has owned the 3.86-acre nursery since 2000 when he bought it for  $335,000, sold it for $625,000 to Chris Gordon Properties LLC.


The nursery fell onto hard times during the recession, with its offerings decreasing as business declined.

"It was getting some bad press there at the end," said Jim Shook, nursery manager.


Chris Gordon, who worked at the nursery as a youngster, has been working to bring it back to its heyday, investing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in stock and improvements, Shook added.

The building in the front, which held fertilizers and other plant amendments, has been turned into a gift shop featuring live plants and fountains.

Interior roads were rebuilt and an extensive collection of pottery, lawn ornaments and fountains have been added. It is also selling premium hammocks.

The plant selection, too, has been beefed up, offering more variety and color.

"We are bringing it back to a garden center where you would just go to just to walk around," Gordon said.

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