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Mascotte Council sets special meeting to discuss Langley Estates developer agreement

Developer Chuck Piper is under contract to purchase nearly 1,000 acres between C.R. 33 and Villa City Road, north and south of Simon Brown Road.

The Mascotte City Council voted this week to set a special meeting to discuss the massive Langley Estates project, saying there were too many unanswered questions on lot sizes, wetlands use, wildlife protections and uses for commercial property.

The special meeting is set for May 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mascotte Civic Center located at 121 N. Sunset Ave. Members of the public will be given the opportunity to address the city council during this meeting.


City staff told the council members that they went back to the developer following a March meeting on the project to get clarification on some of the issues council members addressed.

A welcome sign is displayed by one of the western entrances into the City of Mascotte along S.R. 50.

Langley Estates, owned by Langley Groves, Inc., is a proposed 945-acre master-planned community between C.R. 33 and Villa City Road, north and south of Simon Brown Road. Real estate veteran Chuck Piper is under contract to purchase the agricultural property that now has Planned Unit Development Community Mixed-Use zoning. The draft developer agreement would entitle the property for:

  • 2,300 single family units
  • 500 multi-family units
  • Maximum of 250,000 square feet of commercial, retail and office space
  • Accessory to residential uses, commercial, retail, light industrial, office and supporting amenities, model homes, a development sales center, recreation areas, as well as civic and agricultural uses

The developer would have the flexibility to swap multifamily units for single-family, and vice versa as long as the total number of dwelling units does not exceed 2,800.

The project has the potential to double the size of one of Lake County’s tiniest cities, which, according to the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research, has a population of about 7,321.

The city council is reviewing the project in detail, and several said they are not willing to move forward with any official votes on it until every matter of concern is addressed.

Piper declined to discuss the council conversation that took place April 19, saying it would be inappropriate.

“All your questions will most likely be discussed at the meeting with the city council on May 4th,” Piper said. “Discussing this project hypothetically… prior to this meeting would not be appropriate,” he said in an email.

One of the changes in the developer agreement is on lot sizes, which have gone from 4,400 square feet to 4,800 square feet with the unit size set at a minimum of 1,500 square feet. For townhomes and apartments, the minimum living space would be 1,200 square feet and 600 square feet, respectively. The maximum height for multifamily buildings is 50 feet, which could accommodate 4-story apartment buildings.

The city staff clarified that the parks and recreation aspect of this proposed community would be open to all citizens of Mascotte, not just people living in Langley Estates.

The density of the Langley Estates community, as well as the status of the wetlands are two areas of concern still to be ironed out. The development plan calls for 219 acres of wetlands to be preserved, and 25% of the total acreage to be designated as open space.


As a bedroom community, Mascotte is still in need of more commercial development, which is also up for discussion on this project.

Those members of the public who spoke during the meeting brought up concerns about school overcrowding, wetlands and wildlife protection and an eventual lack of fresh water to keep up with growth in the area.

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