Lake County Developments

FL Turnpike to start $212M widening project north of Minneola within five years

The 10-mile segment of the Florida’s Turnpike north of Minneola will be widened from four to eight lanes at a cost of $287 million, the agency confirmed.

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise has already wrapped the Project Development and Environment Study for the new tolled express lanes, and it has brought on engineering firm Stantec for the design work and right-of-way acquisition. The design is scheduled for completion in 2022, and construction is funded in the current five year work program.


It’s part of a 37-mile phased widening project in Lake and Orange counties. This segment will end just north of the U.S. 27 interchange in Leesburg.

With more than 10,000 new homes in the pipeline, South Lake County is one of the fastest-growing areas in the Orlando metro area.


As part of the project scope, Stantec will lead design of the Turnpike widening, pavement restoration through milling and resurfacing, implementation of all-electronic tolling capabilities, emergency shoulder utilization, surveying, lighting, and environmental services.

“The additional stormwater management needs for this project will require close coordination of drainage design, environmental permitting and Right of Way requirements. Stantec has assembled experts in each of these areas to address this project challenge,” spokeswoman Maggi Meluzio said.

The construction cost is estimated at $212 million. The total $287 million price tag includes design and right-of-way acquisition costs.

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