Tavistock seeks approvals for two new Lake Nona public parks totaling 370 acres

Bob Moser

Two new large public parks are in the design phase for growing areas of Lake Nona, with 370 acres dedicated by Tavistock Development Company, and a projected completion by mid-2018. 

New designs and phasing for separate public parks near the Laureate Park and NorthLake Park communities were submitted to the City of Orlando in late December, which included Specific Parcel Master Plans (SPMP) and preliminary plats for development.

For the 25-acre "East Airfield Park" proposed at Dowden Road near the 500-acre NorthLake Park, current conceptual designs include four softball fields, a playground, pavilions, concessions and separate walking/jogging and bike paths. 

The other, "SouthLake Community Park," is planned for 345 acres south of the new Orlando V.A. Medical Center and a relief elementary school now under construction south of Laureate Boulevard, neighboring the Laureate Park community.

The vast majority of that land will remain conservation area, with more than 26,000 feet of walking paths. 

Both SouthLake and East Airfield parks are currently in design, and an estimated 12 to 18 months away from their completion, according to Tavistock. 

SouthLake would be developed in three phases, the first of which would cover 72.2 acres around the eastern side of East Lake. That phase should include 20.2 acres of "active park" area, with four soccer fields, a concession facility/restroom, 2,250 feet of multi-use trails, 5,050 feet of informal trails and 1,000 feet of shared sidewalks. 

Phase II would include 60.1 acres with 1,600 feet of multi-use trails and 1,100 feet of informal trails, and Phase III a final 212.7 acres, with 5,100 feet of multi-use trails and 10,000 feet of informal trails. 

After the SPMP and plat are approved by the city, Tavistock must acquire engineering permits for the site work and building permits for any structures. After final design, the developer will go straight to permitting, said spokeswoman Jessi Blakley.

"The parks are projects that we have been working together with the city to coordinate for some time, and the feedback provided by residents and also in conversations with the city very much drove the design and functionality of the two parks," she said. "This includes everything from the types and variety of trails to shaded areas and various athletic fields."

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