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Dream Come True? $1M Fairy-Tale Castle Near Disney World

The castle-like house sits on a 2.5-acre lot on Castle Cove in Kissimmee.

A purchase offer is in place for a fascinating fortress close to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Back in the mid-1980s, an intrepid owner began to build a castle on about 2.5 acres in Kissimmee.


“As the gentleman aged, he sold the property to somebody who was moving down from the Northeast,” says the listing agent Tim Weisheyer, who adds that the buyer had a vision for the property. “They expanded the existing home into what it is today and tried to stay true to the architectural theme the original builder set out.”

The castle theme incorporates turrets, stained glass family crests and a gargoyle.

Now listed for $1.05 million, the nearly 8,000-square-foot structure is all castle—everywhere you look.


“There are mock drawbridges, a game room leading out to a turret, and stone interior walls with the different suits of armor inside,” Weisheyer explains.

Seeing it for the first time surprised him.

“When I first went in, I was intrigued to see just how true to the theme the house really was,” he says. “I always knew what the exterior looked like. But was it really just the shell of the castle on the outside and then a traditional home inside? I’d say probably 80% of it is fully themed out as a castle.”

The owners carried the castle theme throughout the interior of the 5-bedroom house. The grand hall features a suit of armor and drawbridge.

Inside the replica fortress, there are five bedrooms and six bathrooms. All lean into the castle theme—doorways, windows, and decor.

The main bathroom has a huge stone tub flanked by a stone wall. Behind that wall lurks an enormous shower.

A welcoming kitchen offers plenty of seating, stone accents, and updated appliances.

Beyond the structure itself, the home’s setting is also fit for a fairy-tale.

“It also has this gorgeous kind of winding driveway with a gated entrance,” the agent says. “It’s kind of secluded and set-back. Even when you come into the property, it really has this unique feel to it that’s just super attractive to people.”

No castle would be complete without its own ballroom.

The zoning is residential, but Weisheyer says several people have expressed an interest in using the property as an event venue.

In the renovation and the expansion of the property, he says, an additional room was added in the back that looks almost like a medieval great hall.

“It’s huge, and it’s set up for a lot of family events and gatherings,” he says.

The owners are ready to move on to another home in the area and want to pass their castle on to a buyer in search of something different.

“It’s one of those properties where you’re not just buying a home, you really are buying an overall setting. When you pull in, you’re literally transported into a different place,” Weisheyer says.

Another factor in the extreme interest in the castle? Its proximity to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


“We’ve had a tremendous amount of calls and interest in it, of people saying that they’ve always wanted to live in a castle,” he says. “Who doesn’t want a Walt Disney World fairy-tale castle for themselves?”

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