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Privacy was the main reason a home on Lake Mabel Drive just sold for $12.5 million

Timeless elegance and privacy helped this estate on Lake Mabel appreciate $10 million since it last sold in 2011.

Privacy was the main reason a home on Lake Mabel Drive just sold for $12.5 million.

“[The buyer] actually made an offer on this house before he came to see it, so the offer was sight unseen,” said listing agent Karan Wienker with Florida Golf and Beaches. “He had such a feeling about the home and then when he came to see it, he was not disappointed. The important thing to him was the feeling of the home, the vibe, and he got it. This home has an energy behind it.”


The 11,565-square-foot home sits on almost 13 acres on Lake Mabel and is very private. FAA airspace is restricted, so nothing can fly over the home without a variance.

“[The buyer] owns a similar level home as this one on the Butler Chain of Lakes, with the same square footage, but was lacking privacy. Privacy was the main driving factor,” Wienker told GrowthSpotter.


Public records show the buyers as Ashish Pal and Sunita Bhanot as joint tenants. Both are doctors in the Orlando area.

Records also show the sellers as Kinsey C. Craichy and former Miss Florida Monica Craichy, founders of Living Fuel, which the company’s website describes as a super meal you can drink.

The foyer features a double grand staircase with a domed roof and an unobstructed view of the backyard and pool.

Wienker sold the house to them back in 2011 and according to the property appraiser, the price was just $2.5 million.

Builder Victoria Martoccia built the home in 2010 and it was the 2010′s Parade of Homes High End Custom Home Winner. Wienker calls it the “Windermere Chateau” and says it was built in Belgian Provincial style.

“It has a timeless feeling to it but also a quality to it. It’s not just cinderblock and drywall with a lot of fancy paintwork,” she explained. “It’s just breathtaking. It’s traditional but at the same time and it’s timeless in terms of the clean lines and is very light and bright. It just feels warm and cool at the same time. I knew that this home was going to appeal to almost everybody.”

Inside, there are nine bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, a theater room, a large kitchen and much more.

Outside, a pool, covered gazebo, outdoor kitchen, and boat dock provide plenty of recreational space.

Just off the grand foyer, there's a music conservatory with a barrel-shaped ceiling and a pair of baby grand pianos.

The entire facade is low-maintenance brick and limestone.


“There are no paintable surfaces on the exterior of the home. It is solid. This is a home that is going to be standing probably 100 years from now,” Wienker said.

Inside, a double grand staircase with a dome is the first thing visitors to the home see, but the experience begins long before.

“You get to the private gate where you hit the call button and then these huge gates open up can you see this beautiful cobblestone drive that is so long. As you travel down this road, all of a sudden you’re transported. I felt like I was somewhere in the middle of Europe,” Wienker said.

The two-story study appealed to the buyer, who made a purchase offer before seeing the estate in person.

In addition to the living space inside the home, there are two apartments, one above each garage.

“As it is with most provincial homes, symmetry is imperative, so the exact same layout is on the other side of the house,” Wienker explained.

The apartment above the detached garage has a separate entrance while the one above the attached garage is accessible from the main house.


While the privacy and the land were the main selling points, Wienker said an interior element got lots of attention.

“[The buyer] loved the two-story study. I knew the two-story study was something that was going to be of absolute interest, and sure enough, it was. It was one of those things that he couldn’t have in his home and he has it here.”

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