Ocoee progresses on contracts for key elements of downtown redevelopment

Bob Moser

Ocoee's City Commissioners voted this week to take key steps on three separate contracts for design and construction work on anchor features of its downtown redevelopment.

Ocoee chose GAI Consultants from among four engineering firms to design a new master stormwater system that will be a major element of its Downtown Redevelopment Plan. 

Ocoee initially advertised the contract opportunity in early February. This master stormwater system will support anticipated new development in the city's downtown. Developers can tie their projects in to the pond instead of having to supply all retention area on their own sites. 

Area around the future City Hall complex east of Bluford Avenue will already have its stormwater retention designed by S&ME, Inc. The firm hired for this contract will focus on future development areas west of Bluford Avenue, bordered by the railroad further west.

Following evaluation committee meetings in March and April, GAI Consultants was ranked first, followed by CPH, Inc., DRMP, Inc. and S&ME. City Commissioners voted Tuesday to select GAI and authorize staff to begin contract negotiations. 

Total construction cost for this scope of work is estimated at $3.3 million, part of the $45 million capital investment program anticipated by the city for its downtown. 

An impact fee may be implemented in the future by the city for developers to support the cost of that system. The new pond's surrounding area will also be amenitized and made into a walkable park. 

Separately, commissioners also approved a $358,000 fee to S&ME to produce drawings and specifications, plus other bidding and permitting documents, for elements of the conceptual plan for Ocoee's Lakefront Park in downtown.

They also approved activating the construction phase option in the Construction Manager at Risk agreement with The Collage Companies for work on The Lakeshore Center expansion. Collage's current construction cost estimate is more than $3.492 million, using plans at 95 percent. 

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