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EspoGroup to add retail and office near Tupperware SunRail station

EspoGroup will be seeking permits for a 20,000-square-foot mixed-use building at the southeast corner of Osceola Parkway and Orange Avenue, near the new Tupperware SunRail station.

Orlando-based EspoGroup wants to start construction on a three-story mixed-use building just south of the future Tupperware SunRail station as as soon as permits are issued, company executives told GrowthSpotter.

President Jose Notaro and General Manager Alessandro Esposito met Wednesday with Osceola County planners to discuss the proposed $3 million project. The site at the southeast corner of Osceola Parkway and Orange Avenue is within the Renaissance Park office park, which EspoGroup completed in 2008.


"We already have 80,000 square feet at that site," Notaro said. "We're looking to add another 20,000 (square feet)."

Tupperware is reconstructing Orange Avenue as a four-lane urban road as part of the transit oriented development master plan for the Tupperware SunRail station.  The location of the EspoGroup office building is circled in black.

He said the plan is to build a modern, tilt-wall building with medical offices on the second and third floors, and retail or dining on the ground floor. The developer will be seeking an entitlement for a drive-thru window to provide the most flexibility for uses, Notaro said.


Harris Civil Engineering's Abdul Alkadry is project manager.

The site is part of the Osceola Corporate Center Planned Development, which comprises the bulk of the present and former Tupperware land holdings in Osceola County.

Tupperware Vice President Thomas Roehlk said the new building will be a short walk from the new SunRail station, which is scheduled to open in 2018. Tupperware is rebuilding Orange Avenue as a four-lane urban roadway in exchange for mobility fee credits.

"We're starting the reconstruction (of the intersection) today," Roehlk said. "We're putting in a pedestrian crosswalk, so it will be really convenient for anyone to take SunRail."

AIP Design President Ernesto Gonzalez is the project architect, and has worked with the EspoGroup team on several projects, including the recently completed 60,000-square-foot shopping center on Semoran Boulevard.

EspoGroup also owns 16.6 acres on Boggy Creek Road, south of Osceola Parkway, and plans a 184-unit apartment complex and 100-bed assisted living facility. The company rezoned the site in 2016, and filed a Site Development Plan last May.

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