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Developer files revised masterplan for $1B Everest Place resort

The developer has filed a new master plan for the $1B resort, with Phase 1 outlined in red.

The Canadian developer behind the $1 billion Everest Place resort and mixed-use district has filed construction plans for the first phase, which will include a mix of retail, offices and residential along U.S. 192 at the Western Beltway interchange.

The Everest Group of Companies is also seeking permits to build the spine road that will run parallel to S.R. 429 and connect W192 to Funie Steed Road and to install a construction trailer and sales office on site. The project spans 217 acres and, when complete, will feature multiple resort hotels clustered along a shared swimming lagoon and beach, apartments and condos, restaurants and shopping areas.


Everest Group filed a Preliminary Subdivision Plan with Osceola County this month creating 17 lots, four of which comprise the first development phase. Based on the submitted plans, it will include four full-service restaurants on Parcel B, a 4-story mixed-use building on retail on the ground level on Parcel C. A 42,500-square-foot commercial office building is slated for Parcel D, in the northeast corner of the property. The fourth component (on Parcel E) is a mixed-use residential building with structured parking, 18,420 square feet of ground-floor retail and 350 apartments on floors 2-5.

The PSP calls for a grocery store and in-line retail on Parcel A, which fronts on U.S. 192 but is not included in Phase 1.

Everest Group filed this subdivision plan creating 17 lots within the master-planned resort community. The proposed convention center hotel is shown on parcel J, which is designated as mixed-use (purple). The other three hotel lots are shown in red. The light blue parcels will have condo towers.

Everest Group CEO Zafir Rashid previously said the company has agreements in place with three hotel flags to build separate and unique resorts with a combined total of 1,800 standard hotel rooms and condo-hotel units on the property. The new subdivision plan actually shows a fourth hotel on the southern tip of the property, facing Funie Steed Road. The condo towers are proposed to be 18 stories tall with structured parking.

Another new component in the PSP is the swimming lagoon and beach shown on Parcel L, which is 10.9 acres. A 20-acre man-made lake will serve as stormwater retention, and a pedestrian promenade will hug the lakeshore, linking all of the hotels and condos to the town center.

Christina Morris, executive director of the W192 Development Authority, said the project will be a catalytic investment for the corridor, particularly the Four Corners area. The conceptual master plan follows the design guidelines for the tourism corridor.

“They packed in everything we could ask for,” she said. “They’ve got offices, mixed-use, residential, hospitality — and a mega lagoon. That’s pretty exciting. It’s going to be a cool spot to visit.”

Recent marketing videos for the project name the three flags: Kempinski Hotels, Nickelodeon Resorts and Shaza Hotels — who would partner with Everest to build North America’s first Muslim-friendly resort hotel. All are slated to open in 2023.

The Shaza Hotels/Everest Group joint venture would operate the Grand Medina Resort, a conservative lifestyle hotel. Key features would include private women’s only areas, halal, vegan and kosher restaurant options. The Grand Medina will be the only resort in the community that’s an alcohol-free zone.

According to the video, European boutique hotelier Kempinski would operate the 5-star conference center hotel, which would be the company’s first U.S. location in its more than century-long history. Nickelodeon Resorts would operate a kid-friendly hotel.

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