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Tavistock prepping for big Sunbridge marina dig, new home construction

Tavistock Development has applied for a permit to excavate the 47-acre marina basin, the centerpiece of its Sunbridge community, and mass grading for over 400 acres outlined in red. The first neighborhood will be Weslyn Park, outlined in blue.

Tavistock Development Company is gearing up to move a lot of earth. Like, 2 million cubic yards of it.

The master developer of Sunbridge has filed construction plans with Osceola County and the South Florida Water Management District to excavate the 47-acre lake that will serve as the community’s main amenity. The Conceptual Master Plan (CP) identified the marina basin as the centerpiece for the community and home to its first commercial mixed-use district.


The submitted applications allow for the mass grading of 423 acres in Phase 1 of the community, which spans 24,000 acres in Orange and northeast Osceola counties.

“Our plan is to be underway by the end of the year,” Tavistock Group Managing Director Jim Zboril told GrowthSpotter. The entire site development project should take about a year and a half to complete.

A monument sign will be erected this week at the intersection of Narcoossee Road and Cyrils Drive to direct motorists to Sunbridge.

Construction and home sales are well underway in the age-restricted Del Webb at Sunbridge community. Tavistock already has approved Site Development Plans for Weslyn Park, formerly known as Neighborhood C. The plan provides 124 townhomes and 451 detached single family homesites. Zboril said construction would start soon on the first of three phases, which consists of 100 dwelling units.

The mass grading plans filed this month would allow for the site development work to take place in Neighborhoods A, B, D and E, as well as the Marina District Community Center. Tavistock intends to open a temporary sales and information center in Neighborhood B, called the Base Camp, across from the Del Webb community.

Zboril said that as master developer, Tavistock prefers to complete most of the site development and grading well in advance of future phase construction.

“When we did Laureate Park, for instance, we mass graded and dug all those ponds in Laureate Park and put the dirt out that we took, and we graded all the way from Narcoossee to the medical school at once,” Zboril said. “And we did that because it really is less disruptive in the future … It’s nice to get it out of the way.”

Tavistock is already extending Cyrils Drive from its current terminus at Del Webb to Sunbridge Parkway and will construct a bridge of the canal system that bisects the community and will eventually fill the marina basin. The basin construction will be completed as two separate ponds, which will be joined as one upon completion.

“It’s a bit of a tricky excavation because the canal needs to be maintained and open,” Zboril said. “So what we do is we dig part of it, and then we reroute the canal through the part we’ve dug, and then we dig out the canal and expand that. We can’t shut down the canal because it’s part of a whole drainage network. So that’s why it takes a little bit longer.”

The canal eventually will provide boating access from the marina basin south to the 543-acre Lake Myrtle.

The marina excavation alone will produce 1.5 million cubic yards of fill dirt, while the other ponds would account for about 500,000 cubic yards. Zboril said the Laureate Park excavation produced 8 million cubic yards of fill.


Zboril said Tavistock doesn’t have a construction date yet for the marina village because it’s in the conceptual design phase now. It will likely include multifamily housing, retail, offices and amenities. The permanent information center will be relocated there from the Base Camp. The lake will jut out into Neighborhood E, where there will be executive waterfront homes.

“So we want to be in a spot where we start Weslyn Park soon. We start the big excavation by the end of the year, and we tried to deliver the first homes at Weslyn Park, you know, sometime late summer. And by then we also want to have Base Camp open when we open Weslyn Park,” Zboril said.

Neighborhood D, just east of Weslyn Park, will have hundreds of homes and also will be the site of a K-8 school that will draw students from the greater the East Narcoossee area, including new neighborhoods on Cyrils Drive and Jack Brack Road. That school has a target opening date of 2024.

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