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Osceola brings on consultant for road study in Narcoossee area

Osceola has hired Kimley-Horn for a road corridor study of the Narcoossee community. The yellow dotted lines show potential future roads, linking the Narcoossee community (in blue) to Deseret Ranch property (in red).

Osceola County has contracted with Kimley-Horn for a corridor study of four major east-west roads in the Narcoossee community.

"We want to have smart development along that corridor," senior transportation planner Mary Moskowitz told GrowthSpotter. "We will allow density, but we want it designed to fit in with the existing character of the community. It is a rural area, and we want to respect that."


Moskowitz said the Narcoossee study will be the county's first since commissioners adopted the new transportation element of the land development code. "This is an area we considered that was growing, and we needed to do it sooner rather than later."

In the first stage of the study, the consultant will be expected to determine if the roads need to be widened, realigned, extended or improved in other ways. That could include intersection improvements, bike lanes, stormwater retention and bridges.


The consultant will also be expected to prepare a conceptual design, including cost estimates and typical cross-sections, for each of the roads: Cyrils Drive, Jack Brack Road, Jones Road and Rummell Road Extension.

"We chose those corridors because they have existing right-of-way, and we may have to make a decision of whether there needs to be a taking," Moskowitz said.

The plan will also study connectivity - how to build a grid network - between the Narcoossee and future development on Deseret Ranch, including the planned Northeast Connector toll road.

"You've got several of those roads that are east-west that are going to the Northeast District," said Clif Tate, Senior VP of Kimley-Horn. "There's a desire to understand, as the area develops, what those roads need to be. One of the needs is to identify how much right-of-way needs to be there, and how is all of this going to be paid for."

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