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Osceola seeking design firm for expansion, new stadium at Austin-Tindall Regional Park

Osceola County is looking to hire a design firm for an expansion at Austin-Tindall Regional Park, including a new soccer stadium.

Osceola County is looking for an architect/engineer for its $9 million expansion and renovation of Austin-Tindall Regional Park.

The project calls for improvements to the park's eight existing fields - bringing all to FIFA standards - as well as the addition of a new championship field and stadium with seating for up to 2,000 spectators. Austin-Tindall is located at 4100 Boggy Creek Rd., in Kissimmee.


Don Miers, the county's director of sports facilities, said the master plan also calls for a new concession stand, rest rooms, pavilions and additional parking on the east side of the park. All of the improvements, funded by the county's tourist development tax, are intended to make the facility more marketable in the uber-competitive and lucrative youth sports circuit.

"We've done a lot of things from soccer, rugby, football, flag football to lacrosse," Miers said. "It got to the point where we weren't big enough to keep the larger tournaments. This will allow us to put lights on new fields we built a few years ago."


Lighted fields allow players to compete at night, translating to larger tournaments with more teams and more hotel bookings.

"We've got the American Youth Football coming in this weekend," Miers said. "That's a national championship tournament, and kids are coming from as far away as California. The stadium will really add to the championship experience."

That tournament alone brings 120 teams to the Kissimmee area. Miers said the county wants to have the construction completed by December 2016 - in time for next year's AYF tournament.

"With the new lights and fields, would could probably expand to 150 teams," he said.

The design contract scope of work includes master planning, schematic design, engineering and construction administration. Don Gaskins is the procurement officer, and the county will hold a mandatory pre-bid conference on Dec. 11.

Proposals are due Jan. 5 at 2 p.m.

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