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St. Cloud set to annex new 276-acre assemblage for mixed-use project

St. Cloud's City Council will consider a voluntary annexation Thursday for 276 acres on the west side of Old Hickory Tree Road. The areas shown in pink are designated for a K-8 school and fire station. The yellow and orange represent residential development, while the blocks in red are slated for commercial development.

The owners of 276 acres on the west side of Old Hickory Tree Road have applied for annexation to the city of St. Cloud, and are seeking Mixed-Use zoning for a 1,224-home community.

The Roan Bridge assemblage consists of 17 parcels owned by members of the Jowers family and others. It's located just a half mile south of U.S. 192, and it would be the city's second mixed-use district following Stevens Plantation North.


"This is going to be pretty urban," Planning Manager Andre Anderson said on Tuesday. "It's mixed use, so we want high density. We're considering making it a minimum of five units per acre, but I don't know if that's feasible."

St. Cloud's Planning Commissioner recommended approval on April 18, and the case goes to City Council on Thursday.

The Jowers family has requested annexation into the city for the acreage on Hickory Tree Road, about a half mile south of U.S. 192.

Jeremy Kibler with KDA Engineering represents the owners, and he prepared a conceptual Master Plan calling for a mix of housing types, including 96 condos, 625 single-family detached homes and 503 multifamily units.

"The goal of the Roan Bridge Conceptual Master Plan is to balance social, environmental and economic sustainability to form enduring places for people to live and thrive," Kibler wrote.

The projected population estimate is 3,282.

The concept designates four city blocks in the heart of the project as a community center with entitlements for 70,000 square feet of commercial space, 30,000 square feet of office and 68,825 square feet for civic uses. The condos would also be built in the community center.

The property owners are currently negotiating with Osceola County Schools for a 25-acre site on 19th Street, at the northwest corner of the neighborhood, for a new K-8 school to satisfy capacity impacts. The school will be designed to accommodate 1,400 students.

The plan reserves 82 acres for open space. It includes a large public park, trail network and several water features.

Anderson said the conceptual plan located a fire station site in the northeast corner of the property, but city officials would prefer a site closer to Nolte Road to serve the booming Hickory Tree Road corridor.

"Once we've adopted the Mixed-Use zoning, the board will also be adopting the conceptual Master Plan," he said. "It will be submitted later and should be on the consent agenda."


The proposed buildout date is 2030, but the owners have not disclosed the phasing plan to the city.

"It depends on how they want to implement the concept plan," Anderson said. "They could come in with a Site Development Plan or they could file a Preliminary Subdivision Plan, depending on their phasing strategy."

The Roan Bridge project is one of two large mixed-use communities in the planning stages now in St. Cloud.

Battaglia Group is currently working with VHB, Inc. to master plan a 130-acre site on Neptune Road for a mix of commercial integrated with residential uses, including multifamily, townhomes and single-family. They believe there's an opportunity for a destination lifestyle center -- possibly anchored by a movie theater -- and a mix of shops and restaurants.

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