Polk County Developments

Lake Hamilton, Haines City see added single-family homes from Cassidy

Cassidy Homes has approvals to build a pair of new subdivisions along State Road 17 in two Polk County cities that will add 1,318 single-family homes and likely double the size of Lake Hamilton.

Winter Haven-based Cassidy Homes added 30 acres to its Scenic Terrace South Planned Unit Development in Lake Hamilton last month, adding another 146 single-family homes to the previously approved 700, town associate planner Angie Hibbard told GrowthSpotter.


Lake Hamilton – once surrounded by active citrus groves – currently has about 1,650 residents. If only two people lived in each home built in the Scenic Terrace community – east of SR 17 (Scenic Highway) and between White Clay Pit and Hughes roads – it would double the town population.

“Basically, the town of Lake Hamilton in the next five years will triple. Then it will double again,” Hibbard said. “At the rate we’re going and the things we see coming, we could be approaching 10,000,” in 2030.

Scenic Terrace North, outlined in blue, is in the city of Haines City. Scenic Terrace South is in the Lake Hamilton city limits. Phase 1 is outlined in red,.

North and west, in Haines City, Cassidy Homes – under its Highland Sumner LLC entity – is set to start building Scenic Terrace North with 472 single-family homes on nearly 110 acres between Floyd and Hughes roads, according to planning documents. The homes are part of a Community Development District (CDD) of the same name. Lake Hamilton also established a CDD for Scenic Terrace South.

A city of 24,000 residents, Haines City will see Scenic Terrace North built in two phases, according to planning documents by Absolute Engineering and Raysor Transportation Consulting, both based in Tampa, and Dewberry with offices in Lakeland.

Haines City approved lot sizes of 42 feet and 52 feet wide with only 10% allowed to have living space of 1,250 square feet and the rest with a minimum of 1,400 square feet. Lake Hamilton approved 40 feet and 50 feet lots with a limit on 40 feet lots of 40% of the total, Hibbard said.

Buildout of Scenic Terrace North (Haines City) is expected to take 3 years, according to Raysor’s 2020 traffic study. Hibbard said Lake Hamilton’s buildout is expected in 18-24 months once started.

Cassidy will have to provide details about the location and kinds of amenities for Scenic Terrace South (Lake Hamilton) “to get the final blessing,” Hibbard said. It also must resolve some issues with Polk County regarding access to county roads, she said. The county access request is to be discussed with the Development Review Committee at its May 12 meeting, according to planning documents.

Completion in Lake Hamilton also will have to wait until the town completes a planned wastewater treatment plan to replace septic for existing residents and have it ready for new residents. Streets in Scenic Terrace South will have to be finished before Lake Hamilton can accept sewer there, Hibbard said. As developers plan and build, they are prepaying connection fees of $4,150 per single-family home to help pay for the plant, which is expected to be completed in March or April 2023. Lake Hamilton also has a grant to cover the changeout of the first 152 current resident homes.

Cassidy Homes has several projects in Polk County and Haines City in particular. The land developer recently received zoning approval from Haines City on 367 acres so it can add as many as 1,211 single-family home, creating two interconnected subdivisions near the Heart of Florida Hospital west of U.S. 27 North, east of FDC Grove Road and north of Massee Road and the Charles Cove subdivision.

Cassidy also has a nearly 3,000-home project in the works in Haines City in Crosswinds, covers 603 acres and would eventually add 444 townhomes and 2,646 single-family homes to what is now vacant agricultural land. D.R. Horton says it will have homes there in winter 2023.


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