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Developer chooses nontraditional approach to new Oviedo custom homes project

Customized homes are planned for the vacant Oviedo lot in the center of the map above, a developer's attempt to stand out from the practice of building "production" homes in Central Florida.

An Altamonte Springs developer is planning a cluster of customized homes in Oviedo, as he seeks to counter the plethora of production homes being built in Central Florida.

Ahmad Ghandour, president of Sun-Tech Builders, is in the final engineering stages for the 12 homes which will offer a wide variety of custom options. He'll move on to seeking a general contractor in the coming months, he told GrowthSpotter on Wednesday.


The project, on 4.5 acres located the corner of Lakes Hayes Road and Paddock Way, lies west of the Alafaya Trail and south of E. Chapman Road.

It will be called Brighton Estates and cost $5 million to $6 million to develop, Ghandour said. The project will also include a new public road.


Sun-Tech Builders bought the vacant parcel for $275,000 less than two years ago from a trust associated with Patricia Craven, property records show.

The homes going on the land "will not be production" houses, Ghandour said. "People will have a significant say in what they contain."

The homes will also not be so-called "custom," where the purchaser commissions the project and in essence takes a hand in conceptualizing it to create a one-of-a-kind abode.

Ghandour's homes will allow choices, like tile roofs, and wood or marble floors. Customized homes can also allow the owner to choose their style of siding or even provide the option of moving a door.

Ghandour said the customization can be done up front, before the home is built, or changes can be made to plans as building is underway.

The project comes as thousands of homes made from pre-drawn building plans, or stock plans, are being built in the area by large homebuilders for the sake of efficiency. Those doing customized homes work with much smaller tracts of land, for the most part.

Ghandour sees demand for his homes from the growing number of people in the area with higher paying jobs.

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