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Former Mount Plymouth golf course land up for rezoning in Lake County

The area outlined in yellow is the former Mount Plymouth golf course, and is scheduled for rezoning Wednesday for residential development.

The former fairways of a long closed 1920s golf course in Mount Plymouth will be put before Lake County's Planning and Zoning Board on Wednesday with a request to be rezoned from Medium Residential to Planned Unit Development, to allow for 197 homes lots on 92.8 acres.

The golf course, where Babe Ruth and Chicago gangster Al Capone once reportedly hit balls, has been closed since 2007. The owner, Pandevco LLC, whose manager is attorney James P. Panico, and Ray Bradick, president of PKA Orlando, have been working since late 2014 to develop plans for a new subdivision named Mount Plymouth Greens.


Mount Plymouth is a special place with history and hills and residents who are, understandably, wary of change. So Panico and Bradick began their quest to develop the land early last year by meeting with Lake County officials as well as neighbors to the project.

"We talked to them to see what their concerns were," Bradick said. His team listened to the input they received.


"This (the current plan) is the fourth rendition," he said.

As a result of the input, the development varied its lot sizes from all 75-foot-wide lots to include 85- and 100-foot-wide lots, and the number of homes proposed is less than could be built under the zoning category.

The plan calls for 2.1 homes per acre versus an allowable density of three homes per acre.  Also, 25 percent of the land is set aside for passive open space, including a field that could be used for playing football as well as small pocket parks.

To accommodate the county's desire that the new neighborhood be both golf cart and pedestrian friendly, paths are planned throughout; bisecting the former fairways residents wouldn't have to to drive around the circular neighborhood to get anywhere.

To address worries about speeding cars, speeding tables and other traffic "calming" measures will be included, Bradick said.

If the Lake County Zoning Board approves the zoning change, the County Commission is scheduled to vote on it on Feb. 16 for final zoning approval.

"We would like to be done and ready for development to start by the end of the year," Bradick said.

The development is close to the new under-construction Wekiva Parkway.


Home building companies have already expressed interest in buying and building on the lots, which are close to the under-construction route of the new Wekiva Parkway, Bradick said.

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