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Black Buffalo rolls out new 3D printer at Orlando’s NAHB International Builders’ Show

Black Buffalo 3D Corporation, a New York-based construction manufacturer, is showing off a new 3D printer that they say will lower environmental impact, reduce labor costs and significantly cut the time to complete projects.

The company is live printing a tiny home at its booth at Orlando’s NAHB International Builders’ Show this week using its new NEXCON 1G printer, which spans over 40-feet in height. In addition to the house, the printer will be developing precast and concrete walls, according to a press release.


A representative with the company was not immediately available to comment on the story.

In a recent 3Dnatives article, Michael Woods, the CEO/COO of Black Buffalo 3D Corp., said the company is focusing on scaling production for its 3D printers and distributing their own cement-based ink.


Once fully commercialized, operators will be able to use the printer to build residential and commercial buildings up to three stories in height. According to the release, builders could cut about 70% in materials costs and up to 80% in labor costs. The work is also quiet and produces almost zero waste, the release states.

“We would like to see 3D construction printers modernize methods of building and help promote a greener more automated approach to building whether it be in the form of bridges, tunnels, affordable housing or better disaster preparedness,” Woods said in the 3Dnatives interview.

The NEXCON 1G printer built the frame of a 1,000-square-foot home in under 20 hours, according to the release.

Woods said the company spent over a year testing the products. The printers are available on a first-come-first-serve basis via reservation. Black Buffalo 3D will also offer training services to use the printer.

One of its partners includes an active Central Florida developer, Scannell Properties. Dan Harrington, a development manager with Scannell Properties, told GrowthSpotter the company isn’t incorporating 3D printing at any of its planned projects in Central Florida — yet. He did not offer further comment.

The debut of the printer follows Black Buffalo 3D’s recent partnership with home printing company Alquist 3D, based in Williamsburg, Virginia. The company specializes in affordable housing and partnered with Habitat for Humanity to create a fully-permitted 3D-printed home in Williamsburg that was unveiled in December.

Black Buffalo 3D, formed in 2020, is in the middle of relocating its manufacturing operation from New Jersey to Smithfield Township, Pennsylvania, where it’s planning a $36 million, 150,000-square-foot facility on 106 acres in Monroe County.

It’s one of the latest technology companies to announce the capability to 3D print homes.


Construction-tech startup Icon also has 3D printing technology that’s being used by developers like the homebuilding giant Lennar Homes and Cielo Property Group. Lennar invested over $200 million to team up with the Texas construction startup with plans to build a 100-lot subdivision made up of 3D printed homes in the Austin submarket.

Startup New Story has plans to use Icon’s printers, as well, to build at least 50 homes in Latin America. Icon’s Vulcan II printer model is able to print a 2,000-square-foot family home over several days, according to news reports.

Last year, SQ4D, another firm that specializes in 3D printing construction, completed a 1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Long Island that features a two-car garage on a quarter acre.

At the ULI Florida Summit last year, Lennar Executive Chairman Stuart Miller said the investment was made to “stay close to the drumbeat of where the world is going.”

“There are a lot of changes coming — and they are changing the way that homes are built, bought and engaged, and it’ll help us stay at the forefront of where the market is going,” Miller said.

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