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Phil Kean Design Group to expand office footprint in Winter Park

A front elevation of the proposed Kentucky Avenue duplex.

Phil Kean Design Group plans to close within the next month on two property purchases in Winter Park near its office building row on W. Fairbanks Avenue, with an aim to expand staff parking and build two new townhomes.

Company principals Phil Kean and Brad Grosberg own three small office/retail buildings at 906, 912 and 952 W. Fairbanks Ave., on the southwest corner with Denning Drive. Those are occupied by the Phil Kean-branded divisions of Designs, Architecture, Interior Design, Kitchens + Bath, and Real Estate.


The company now has under contract a 0.1-acre parcel at 1006 W. Fairbanks Ave., west of the new Kitchens + Bath store, which is currently home to a 1,650-square-foot building occupied by a tailor shop and pet groomer.

Highlighted in blue are the three properties at 906/912/952 W. Fairbanks Ave. owned and occupied by Phil Kean Designs, Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design and Kitchen + Bath offices. To its immediate west (in red) is a small retail building under contract by the group, and to its south the 947 N. Kentucky Ave. lot planned for new parking and a new duplex.

That acquisition should close on or shortly after Jan. 1, and provide some additional parking to staff of the Kean businesses, Grosberg told GrowthSpotter.


Directly south of the Phil Kean Designs office is a 0.14-acre parcel at 947 N. Kentucky Ave., now occupied by a small 73-year-old house.

The company has that under contract with a planned December closing, and put a request before the city's Planning and Zoning Board on Tuesday to change the zoning and Future Land Use Map to allow for paving of a parking lot on the parcel's northern 20 feet.

While the row of Kean and Grosberg's office buildings along W. Fairbanks have enough parking to meet city regulations, the company wants more spaces for when it has an influx of customers.

The company would pave six employee parking spaces on the northern 20 feet near the office, before developing the balance as two attached townhomes for sale, Grosberg said. Staff are recommending approval of the request.

"We're hoping we can create something attractive there on Kentucky Avenue, and then carve out some (parking) space for us," Grosberg said.

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