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Lake Nona Skylar Towers get OK from city planning board

Phase one of Skylar, shown in this conceptual image, would include two apartment towers, a parking garage and street-level retail.

Orlando’s Southeast Town Design Review Committee signed off Thursday on a proposal to build a trio of apartment towers on Tavistock Lakes Boulevard next door to the Landon House apartments.

Tavistock Development Company, master developer of Lake Nona, has dubbed this block across from the Town Center as “midtown.” Skylar would consist of 627 residential units spread across three mixed-use residential towers and eight 2-story townhouses.


Jamie Bennett, senior project manager, said Tavistock has spent several years refining plans for the Skylar Towers. “We have a really solid plan that we’re excited about,” she said.

Tower A, located in the northeast corner of the site, would be 18 stories with 221 residential units.

The developer sought and received approval from the city to allow for maximum building height of 20 stories, and subsequently filed a Specific Parcel Master Plan for the multi-phased development, which includes 25,473 square feet of office and retail space. At 201 feet, Skylar will be the tallest building in Lake Nona and will have to undergo a “tall structure review” by the Federal Aviation Authority.


Towers A and C would be constructed in Phase 1, along with a 7-story parking garage, according to the application package. Tavistock Vice President Jessi Blakley told GrowthSpotter the developer is targeting early 2023 to begin construction with an estimated two-year buildout.

Tower A, located in the northeast corner of the site, is 18 stories with 221 residential units (including the only three-bedroom units), with 7308 square feet of retail on the ground floor attached to an amenity room that opens up to the shared outdoor swimming pool and courtyard.

Tavistock has engaged CES Design Group as the project architect. The submittal package includes conceptual renderings of what the towers will look like. The final designs will be subject to approval from a city building official.

“As far as I’m aware, the elevations that were provided are the latest and greatest,” Bennett said. “So that was our first pass at a concept image — excuse me, architecture. I don’t imagine it deviating too much, but that is what we have.”

Tower C would be a 16-story building attached to the parking garage, which accommodates 811 vehicles and has 25 private garages that offer direct access to the elevator cores.

Tower C would be a 16-story building attached to the parking garage, which accommodates 811 vehicles and has 25 private garages that offer direct access to the elevator cores. This tower, which is just east of Landon House, has over 10,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor and hosts the leasing office. It would have 168 units, including a mix of studios, one- and two-bedroom units.

There’s also a separate 2-story amenity building on the south end of the courtyard with nearly 14,000 square feet. It will include a lounge space and fitness center.

Orlando Planning Director Elisabeth Dang added a condition to the approval requiring the developer to build a 3-foot knee wall on each level of the parking garage to reduce glare from headlights.

Tower B would be another 18-story building with 238 apartments and nearly 8,100 square feet of retail or commercial space. It’s located in the southeast corner of the site. The townhomes also would be built in Phase 2 and will be available as rental units. Each has 1,850 square feet of living space.


“I understand each tower will be going through appearance review,” Dang said. “There’s not a lot of detail in the staff report about materials or some of the information we normally get. So for the appearance review, I think, there’s gonna have to be a little bit more detail on addressing some of those items, as well as the landscaping, which was not included either.”

Skylar Towers will be Tavistock’s largest apartment community to date, and it’s proposed while the developer is waiting for final approval from City Council for a major revision to the Lake Nona master plan that will dramatically increase the number of residential units that can be built in the community. In its proposal, Tavistock is seeking entitlements for an additional 7,225 housing units, in addition to the 13,592 currently approved for the area.

The developer also requested an increase of 7.2 million square feet of office and civic space, an additional 1,408 hotel rooms and 6.5 million more square feet of aviation/airport support space.

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