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Vista East landowner kicks off infrastructure work for large mixed-use project near OIA

Developer Robert Yeager wants to assemble over 50 acres of land on the northeast corner of Narcoossee Road and the Beachline Expressway (S.R. 528) with plans for mixed-use development.

Developer Robert Yeager is setting in place the master infrastructure work that will serve future plans for a large mixed-use community in Orlando’s Vista East neighborhood near the Orlando International Airport.

Yeager told GrowthSpotter he’s preparing to submit a Planned Development that will cover over 50 acres of land on the northeast corner of Narcoossee Road and the Beachline Expressway (S.R. 528) that he is assembling.


“The area’s been plagued by drainage issues for a long, long time,” Yeager said. “First we need to fix infrastructure and drainage for everybody, including the owners and the city before we can begin building.”

Yeager said the city is working on an agreement with him to facilitate the construction of the McCoy Road extension to the east and a large new master drainage pond to serve the construction of several new properties he’s planning around 8081 Narcoossee Road.


About $31 million has been pledged by the city to help expand and add new roads in the area.

While infrastructure deals take place, Yeager appointed Rebecca Wilson, an attorney and shareholder with Lowndes, to help entitle the property he’s assembling for future mixed-use development.

According to an application submitted to Orlando’s Municipal Planning Board, the property owner is seeking to amend two Future Land Use subarea policies to restore the original multifamily dwelling unit count allowances for the subject property, known as the McCoy Tract, from 450 to 600.

The count was reduced in part because a portion of the McCoy Tract had been removed.

If the original residential allowances in the development plan for the McCoy Tract are restored, then the property could accommodate 600 multifamily dwelling units, 135,500 square feet of commercial uses, 22,500 square feet of office uses and 140 hotel rooms.

Yeager declined to elaborate on exact plans for the PD, but said it consists of a mix of multifamily and commercial uses.

The McCoy Tract is the last of several designated areas within a larger Growth Management Plan (adopted in 1998) to establish a required PD zoning. To date, the Vista Lakes PD, Crowntree Lakes PD and Tivoli Woods PD have all been established in the large-scale GMP and mostly built out, according to the application.

Eagle Fl Properties LLC, the investment vehicle led by Yeager, owns about 32 acres in the area. Records show the company paid $600,000 for the property in 2015.

The McCoy Tract (star) is located next to the Vista Park and Torrey Preserve master-planned communities.

To the east of S.R. 528, Pulte Homes is under contract to buy the residential portions of the roughly 1,500-acre Vista Park master-planned community, being developed in part by the Brunetti Organization, the property owner.

Last year, GrowthSpotter reported when the partners jointly filed the framework for the master plan.

Vista Park, located just off Lee Vista Boulevard at the Beachline Expressway, is entitled for up to 4,300 houses and apartments, 20,000 square feet of office space and 80,000 square feet of retail space.

Pulte’s deal includes a total of 3,486 dwelling units, including a gated section for a potential active adult community. The framework plan designates 21 acres for a town center, 4 acres for a police/fire station and 64 acres for neighborhood and community parks.

In 2019, the City of Orlando pledged to spend $31 million to help fund the expansion of road networks in the area. So far that money has been designated toward Vista Park and the Econ Trail Extension.

Vista Park and surrounding properties in southeast Orlando were bought by the family members of Brunetti Jr. in the early 1970s.


Around 2004, a bulk of their holdings had been approved for thousands of homes and apartments, but those plans were infamously postponed, partly due to discoveries of buried explosives from a World War II-era bombing range called the Pinecastle Jeep Range.

A lawsuit over the cost of cleaning up 1,500 acres of the site was settled in 2018 and remediation is now completed.

Brunetti Jr.’s family members founded the Brunetti Organization. His father, the late Brunetti Sr., was known as the owner of the Hialeah Park Race Track in Miami-Dade County.

Just south of the future Vista Park, the Brunetti Organization is planning another master plan community called Torrey Preserve. Entitlements allow for up to 1,000 residential units and nearly 1.4 million square feet of commercial space.

One of the first phases for Torrey Preserve includes building a new 284-unit apartment complex in the southwest quadrant and creating roadways.

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