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Tavistock files plan for Laureate Park South on Lake Nona Poitras expansion

Tavistock Development Co. has filed an updated master plan that adds the Poitras West property to the approved Poitras East Planned Development.

With the route of Osceola Parkway Extension now moving toward state approval, Tavistock Development Company is fine tuning the master plan for its Lake Nona southern expansion on the former airport-owned Poitras property, and the master developer has filed plans for its first Laureate Park branded community in the expansion area.

The company has designated the 64-acre N-3 neighborhood south of Luminary Boulevard as Laureate Park South, and designed a 235-home traditional neighborhood with eight different lot sizes and product types. The plan would increase the number of dwelling units from the original 182 by transferring residential entitlements from neighborhoods N-1 and N-2, which have not been designed, so the total number of residential units is unchanged.


The development plan calls for two types of townhomes: standard 24-foot-wide in 5-unit buildings and a “big house” style product consisting of three attached 30-foot-wide units surrounded by single-family detached homes of varying sizes. Dozens of rear-alley entry bungalows would all face a central greenway, or mew, that carries over the landscape theme from Laureate Park.

Tavistock Development filed this concept plan for the neighborhood it's calling Laureate Park South, with 235 homes encompassing eight product types. Five-unit townhomes buildings abut the future school site to the west, and three-unit "big house" townhomes are planned on the corner parcels shown in brown.

The neighborhood is tucked between Pulte’s 500-home Isles of Lake Nona project to the east and a 30-acre future school site to the west. There is no connectivity between the Pulte project and N-3, but there will be several access points to a new road that will link Luminary Boulevard with Boggy Creek Road to the south by crossing under the toll road. The N-4 neighborhood, approved for a 124-lot gated community with estate-size lots, lies to the north - across Luminary Boulevard.


The N-3 concept plan was filed in conjunction with an amendment to the approved Planned Development of the Poitras East property to incorporate the 708-acre Poitras West property Tavistock purchased in October for $49.35 million. The amendment would assign PD zoning to the area and designate specific residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods.

It identifies three new residential pods and seeks entitlements for 1,625 dwelling units. Of those 700 are located in the two Village Center pods south of Luminary and 242 units will be age restricted. All homes within the master plan will be located within a quarter-mile of a neighborhood park.

“It is the intent of this Plan to provide green corridors throughout residential neighborhoods to link residents to parks and recreation opportunities, in addition to the multi-use trail networks of Lake Nona and Poitras East,” according to the project narrative.

The entire master plan would be entitled for 400,000 square feet of commercial and retail space in the centers, along with 2.24 million square feet of high-intensity airport support uses on nearly 125 western-most acres.

GAI’s Community Solutions Group designed both the N-3 concept and the updated Poitras PD master plan.

The new master plan would set aside 718 acres for parks, conservation, lakes and roads. That includes 210 acres of right-of-way for the Osceola Parkway Extension. Tavistock and Deseret Ranch/Suburban Land Reserve control 80 percent of the right-of-way for the future toll road. They agreed to sell it to the Central Florida Expressway Authority for less than half of the appraised value as part of an incentive to choose their preferred alignment. CFX voted in December to select the developer-endorsed route, but the project still must gain approval from the Florida’s Community Trust before it can move to the design and construction phases.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to clarify the approval status of the Osceola Parkway Extension.

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