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New England-based brand enters the flaming hot chicken wing market

A new casual dining concept coming to the Orlando area promises the end to soggy chicken wings.

New England-based Wing It On! will be bringing its causal dining concept to Oviedo. The company is known for wings, tenders and sandwiches cooked to order, always using fresh chicken.


“We hope to be open and in business serving wings in November,” says franchise owner David Miller. “Hopefully, it’ll be before then, but depending on how construction and how permitting go, we’re probably looking at three to six months from July.”

Miller is a New Zealand native and he and his family now call Central Florida home, after spending time vacationing here and enjoying the area. He has experience owning and working for other businesses.

Wing It On! broadened its menu earlier this year to add Nashville Hot chicken sauce to its wings, tenders and sandwiches.

He is in lease negotiations for the first Florida location of Wing It On! in a strip mall in Oviedo that currently houses other eateries.

“Growth for the area is what kind of what brought Oviedo to our attention,” Miller told GrowthSpotter. “The population demographics fit very well with our brand. We’re looking at that 25 to 40 bracket and so [the area] just fits that data.”

The mix of residential and commercial elements also attracted Miller to that location.

He has plans to open four other locations in the next five years. The company itself has plans to open 25 to 30 restaurants by the end of the year in other parts of Florida.

“We’re dipping our toe first into the water. We’re going to have the one location now and then we will look to expand in the next 12 to 18 months.”

Typically, Wing It On! restaurants are about 1,200 to 1,400 square feet.

“There is a lot of scope for the owners of the franchises to do what they would like to do. There are guidelines, of course. There are color schemes, certain practical elements like where the kitchen is located, but lots of movement in terms of design,” Miller explained.

Miller said quick-service dining concepts gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and he doesn’t see that changing.


“Once we come out of this pandemic phase. I think it’s going to stay. I think the consumer enjoys the quick service elements. People have come to expect that contactless pickup,” he said. “The system is already in place to deal with that now and we’ll continue on going forward.”

According to the company, most of the core business is from takeout and delivery. Miller says this location will have a few tables for people who want to enjoy their food right away.

“We’re not a traditional sit-down restaurant, really a quick-service restaurant. However, the wings are fresh and not frozen so they will take a few minutes to prepare. So it’s not in and out in a couple of seconds, but it will be fresh and it will be delicious.”

Wing It On! focuses on wings, but offers other chicken options also. Customers can choose from over 20 varieties of sauces and dry rubs.

“It’s not just wings. Wings are the core product and I’m sure everyone who has one will love it as well, but we also have chicken sandwiches, salads, and sides,” he said. “It gives the diner or the group or the family other options rather than just wings. I love chicken wings, but my wife, not so much, so it gives the diner that second choice within their group when they go out.”

Quality sets this wing restaurant apart from its competitors, Miller said.


“I think the whole concept of bringing the good old-fashioned wing out of mediocrity is a great concept and an easy concept to get behind as well. We’ve got a little bit for everyone while still holding true to that core wing business.”

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