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Developer to downsize plan for building upgrade at Lake Mary SunRail station

An early site plan for what would be a 5,000-square-foot Station Pointe building in front of Lake Mary's SunRail station, with four projected retailer spaces.

Two years ago, Chris and Dana Mahnken had bold plans for their Station Pointe at Lake Mary mixed-use development at the city's SunRail station platform.

Mahnken wanted to expand the existing building at 187 E. Crystal Lake Ave. to 32,000 square feet with two or three floors, mixing office space with retail. But now, in plans submitted to Lake Mary's Planning and Zoning department, Mahnken has downsized the project to 5,000 square feet, leaving the future development at a single story.


"I just felt like with the traffic there now, that it would be better to do a small renovation for the next few years, then we can always come back with a larger building once it builds up," said Mahnken, president at Main Line Contractors Inc. in Longwood.

The existing building will be stripped down to its substructure, fitted with a new exterior façade and complete interior renovations as well. The building will be subdivided into five or six units, Mahnken said, and a few of the units might include a second floor.


Mahnken said he is working with a local contractor, but declined to give the name. The project engineer listed on the documents given to the city is Chad S. Linn of Orlando.

Mahnken also declined to say how much may be invested in the rehab, suggesting that the Lake Mary mayor and commissioners should get a look at his plans before he reveals too much to the public.

A gym now operating in the building will remain after the rehabilitation, Mahnken said. New tenants might include a coffee shop, a restaurant and possibly a wine bar.

Lake Mary City Planner Stephen Noto said Mahnken's planned renovations will modernize the building and make it more transit-friendly.

"It's an older looking building. It doesn't match any of the surrounding architecture," Noto said of the existing structure. "There is no pedestrian plaza, no outdoor seating."

Though the Station Pointe property is only about one-third of an acre, the location is well-placed for retail, food and services. The property is 10 feet from the SunRail platform. A handicapped ramp and stairs have already been built connecting the Station Pointe to the platform.

"He's going to realign everything so there is room for a pedestrian plaza and outdoor seating," Noto said. "It's a nice way for people waiting for the train to sit right next to our SunRail platform."

Station Pointe is also right next to the 200-unit Station House luxury apartment complex, which was also built to be near the bustling commuter rail station, one of the busiest SunRail stations in Seminole County, according to Mahnken.


"We'd like to cater to SunRail, to the Lake Mary community and to the apartment complex," Mahnken said. "As development happens over the next few years, we could consider going with a larger building."

The Mahnkens bought the property in March 2002 for $248,000, according to the Seminole Property Appraiser's office.

Mahnken will meet with city planners on the site plan in September, and hopes to get city commission approval in October. That would put the project on target for completion in the Spring of next year.

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