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Longwood seeks construction bidders for city park, building demo & new pond

A view of Reiter Park in Longwood.

The City of Longwood is seeking bidders on two major projects: redevelopment of Reiter Park, and the demolition of a wastewater plant and construction of an irrigation supply pond at the plant's former site.

Leaders of the Seminole County city have been talking for years about major improvements at Reiter Park, located on Warren Avenue just north of South Seminole Hospital. The park is in the heart of the city's historic district and near the Longwood SunRail Station.


But the project, on the planning board dating back to 2008, was stalled by the recession and housing market crash. This week the city signaled it is ready to move forward, issuing an invitation for bids on redeveloping the park.

"When it comes to parks and recreation, sometimes things get put on the back-burner in favor of public safety and road projects," Chris Capizzi, the city's director of leisure services, told GrowthSpotter on Wednesday.


"We had to postpone some of the things we wanted to do. Now that's not an issue and we've really been able to make some things come to fruition. We're able to build the original Master Plan that was done a couple of years ago."

Among projects planned at the 6.91-acre park are a 2,400-square-foot amphitheater, a splash pad, a Healing and Sensory Garden, expanded walkways, a boardwalk trail, new playground equipment and picnic areas combining gazebos and lawns. The amphitheater will have two sides: one opening onto a large lawn, the other onto an expanded lake.

"We're envisioning it will become an outdoor living room for the public," said City Manager Jon Williams.

Capizzi said the work should start this Spring and conclude a year later.

Proposals for the park construction are due by March 23 at 9 a.m., to the city's purchasing division office on Warren Avenue.

A pre-proposal conference will be held next Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the city commission chambers. The closing date for questions and clarifications is March 16, at 5 p.m.

The city's other project out for bid this week covers demolition of an out-of-service wastewater treatment plant in the Florida Central Commerce Park development, and construction of an irrigation supply pond at the same site.

Bid documents show the demolition work includes the 95,000-gallon-per-day treatment plant, storage ponds, two pumping stations and removal of nearly 2,000 linear feet of 3-, 4-, 8- and 10-inch piping.


The irrigation pond to be constructed will be 4.14 acres with operational volume of 3.13 million gallons. The project also entails construction of an irrigation pump station, including pumps, flow meter, piping, valves and other hardware.

Williams, the city manager, said construction of the irrigation pond is a "marquee" environmental project. The water trapped on the site will be treated to reclaimed water standards and then piped off site to the hospital and Reiter Park for irrigation.

"There will be significant nutrient reduction and water quality improvement for the basin," Williams said.

The city is estimating the project will cost around $1 million. Longwood received a $538,840 grant to build the irrigation pond from the St. Johns River Water Management District. Williams said he hopes to have the project started this Spring and completed by September.

Bids on demolition of the treatment plant and construction of the irrigation pond system are due March 23 at 10 a.m. to the same city office, with a public opening of bid packets immediately after at the City Commission Chambers.

The city will hold a pre-bid conference and site visit March 9 starting at 9 a.m., in the commission chambers. The last date for questions and clarifications is March 16, at 5 p.m.


Bid documents for both projects can be downloaded from Longwood's Purchasing Division webpage.

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