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Oviedo plans major roadwork to complement growth

The city of Oviedo will seek requests for proposals in late spring for one of the biggest roadway improvement projects it has ever undertaken.

The work revolves around SR 426/CR 419, which is one of the city's main arteries, running 6.8 miles through Oviedo and passing through downtown Oviedo, the future home of Oviedo Medical Center and the eastern entrance of Oviedo Mall. The project comes as Oviedo undergoes a major expansion of residential and commercial construction.


Phase One of the three-phase plan will be bid out in May or June, depending on right-of-way resolutions.

The entire project will cost roughly $90 million, with the Florida Department of Transportation, Seminole County and Oviedo all paying part. Phase One is budgeted at $25 million, the second phase at $50 million and the last part at $13.7 million.


Oviedo will use sales tax revenue to cover its cost, which is about $5.5 million.

The first phase involves reconfiguring the area where SR 426 intersects with SR 434. Plans are to widen the intersection, a major move to ease congestion and improve the look of the area.

The intersection is "the pivotal crossroad of the city," and the reconfiguration will add visual appeal through upgraded landscaping, sidewalks and park benches,  Oviedo City Manager Bryan Cobb told GrowthSpotter.

Lighting is a standout, Cobb said, with the traffic signals painted black and having ornate lights and bases. Streetlights will be upgraded to create "a cozy, downtown feel," Cobb said.

The second phase of the project involves creating a four-lane extension of SR 426/CR 419 by 1.4 miles, from Pine Avenue to Avenue B.

The last part of the project will add another 1.4 miles to the expansion, from Avenue B to Lockwood Boulevard.

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