Seminole County Developments

Park-4-Dayz starts near Sanford airport, scouting other locations

RV's are prime candidates for parking at Park-4-Dayz

Orlando area residents might soon be seeing Park-4-Dayz signs dotting the landscape if the aspirations of builder Jaime Hodges are realized.

Hodges' new company, Seminole Land Management, has stuck its toe in the water by starting to build its first Park-4-Dayz outdoor long-term parking facility on six acres fronting Lake Mary Boulevard, just east of Orlando Sanford International Airport. Hodges, who is also president of Seminole Masonry LLC in Oviedo, declined to say what the project is costing.


The Park-4-Dayz moniker is the creation of Hodges' children and the 250-space facility will house RV's, boats, commercial equipment, cars or whatever else someone would want to park for a period of time.

While the first site is still under construction, Seminole Land Management is looking for other locations. Hodges believes the concept will be successful "given the growth the area is seeing."


The first site, for instance, was ideal because of all the multifamily projects in the area and others that are coming in, Hodges said. "Homeowners Associations don't allow things like boats, RV's and other commercial vehicles on their property."

Also, Seminole County is building a big sports complex down the road and tournament play could bring RV's and buses that need long-term parking.

The month-to-month facility will offer 25- and 50-foot parking spots, with prices starting at $80. The lot will also have 50, 20-foot storage containers.