Seminole County Developments

Sanford landowners plan to sell 10 acres for townhomes development

With plans to retire, Jack and Carol Rosier want to sell the 10 acres in Sanford that backs their backyard to a developer for townhomes.

Preliminary plans call for 11 buildings that would house about 50 townhomes, with the Rosiers first needing to get a zoning change to planned development from agricultural. They declined to say who, if anyone, has been chosen as developer.


The property, behind the Kid's House of Seminole on Hester Avenue, southwest of N. Ronald Reagan Boulevard, is currently a thicket of trees and bushes.

It has been in the Rosier family for about 20 years, and Jack Rosier said "it's time" to see it developed.


He declined to say what he is asking for it. But his timing may be on the mark.

The area is beginning to build out commercially and residentially.

"I think you will see a lot of homes built there, given its future land use is residential," said Paul Partyka, president of the Partyka Group, a land broker who is advising Rosier.

"With that will come retail and other services," Partyka said. "You put a couple of subdivisions together and you get a store. Retail doesn't come first."