Tavistock readies plats for last extensions of Nemours Pkwy in Laureate Park

Bob Moser

Tavistock Development Company is starting to arrange long-term plans for two more extensions of Nemours Parkway in the Laureate Park community of Lake Nona.

The developer filed preliminary plats on Sept. 16 with the City of Orlando for phases 6 and 7 extensions to Nemours Parkway. Totaling more than 5,500 feet of future asphalt, it should fully connect the road when finished, and provide a third thoroughfare through Laureate Park between Lake Nona Boulevard on the west, and Narcoossee Road to the east. 

The future Phase 6 would stretch almost 2,400 feet, beginning at Upper Harden Avenue in the northeast corner of Laureate Park, and running in a northeast direction around the rear of Lake Nona High School to connect at Weller Boulevard, which continues on to Narcoossee Road. 

Phase 7 would be the final and longest stretch of Nemours Parkway, running almost 3,200 feet in length. It would connect the parkway from a stub at the future Bovet Avenue on the east, to its current dead-end on the west, south of Nemours Children's Hospital. 

Phase 7 would open up more than 500 acres of semi-landlocked property for new development, with the plat from Tavistock noting as many as 10 conceptual intersection stubs branching off to undeveloped land to the north and south of the road. 

There's no timeline Tavistock has shared for when these road extensions may be phased in. They would follow Phase 5 of Nemours Parkway, which the developer is preparing to start construction on in six to eight months. 

That Phase 5 will be built in the northeast corner of Laureate Park, running around the southern base of new gated subdivision The Preserve by Taylor Morrison. It will end at Upper Harden Avenue, where Phase 6 would later begin. 

Laureate Park is Lake Nona's largest and fastest growing neighborhood, and should have close to 2,650 homes at full buildout. Since opening to development five years ago, about 1,100 homes have been sold and about 870 are occupied as of now, according to Tavistock. 

Editor's Note: This story was updated on Wednesday to correct the second paragraph, referencing how this would be a third thoroughfare through Laureate Park. Tavistock Lakes and Laureate boulevards are the first two. 

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