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Mike Nursey, TD Bank

Orlando-native Mike Nursey is just as passionate about hockey as he is about banking. Get to know TD Bank's new Head of Florida Middle Markets Group.

His beloved Bolts were in No. 1 in the Atlantic Division at press time, which was more than enough to have avid sports fan Michael Nursey in high spirits, though the stats may have been slightly surpassed by his recent shift in title.

Nursey, who has been with TD Bank since 2012, most recently as Market President-Commercial for Central Florida, was promoted to Head of the Middle Market Group for Florida. He is primed to lead the company's middle market strategy across the state from its Tampa office. A fine fit, as he considers himself a "Florida nomad."


Born and raised in Orlando – specifically the Conway area – he moved to Tallahassee at age 16, a tough transition for any high schooler.

"The joke between my dad and I is that I forgave him two years ago," Nursey told GrowthSpotter with a chuckle.


He remained in the north of the state for some time, though, becoming a steadfast Seminole in the process.

"I went to FSU and it was great; I'm very glad I did. A lot of my friends from FSU who were close friends 30 years ago are still close friends now."

Early on, Nursey says, folks might have pegged him to go into sportscasting, but by the time he was near graduation – majoring in economics with some sales experience under his belt – he felt himself drawn to the banking industry.

"At that time, all of the regional banks were in the midst of a culture shift, trying to install sales in order to get a better sense of the customers' needs, and then present solutions that made sense and made their business or personal lives better," he explains. "And I think the combination of the respect that was given to the financial services industry with a chance to excel if I was good enough on the sales side made me excited."

It doesn't hurt that he met Gail, his wife of 26 years, when he was a rookie at NCNB – now Bank of America – while in Phase 3 of his Sunshine State gypsy tour: Fort Lauderdale, 1988.

It was here Nursey became a disciple of the Dolphins, the Marlins and the Heat (sorry, Magic!) as the NBA team was being born in Miami.

"For the Heat to get their franchise back then, they needed to sell out the first two seasons in advance, and so I would drive down, park in a $10 lot and then walk around and try to buy tickets to games … in the first year, the Heat went 15-67," he laughs. "But that's how fans are built."

He and Gail, a sports fan as well, had a few rivalries in the beginning but over time have fallen together in their loyalties. They still enjoy watching and attending sporting events – and even playing them. Golf is a regular pastime. Nursey, however, also digs the cards.


"Most people wouldn't imagine it would be a fit for bankers – they think we are risk-averse – but I am an avid poker fan."

Nursey's logged time in tournaments for the past 10 years, even winning a few – one (aptly) at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in South Florida, and another at Planet Hollywood, though he's had even more success at Caesar's Palace out in Las Vegas.

"It's exciting because it's a competition, of course – just like if you win a baseball game or in business land a new client you've been chasing for years. It's just another form of doing something fun and then being jazzed because the effort was successful."

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