Maglev Train

Maglev Train
Orlando may get a Maglev (magnetic levitation) train between Orlando International Airport and Orange County Convention Center if the developer can win land approvals. (TORU YAMANAKA, AFP / Getty Images)

A magnetically levitated train that would link Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center is looking like it may not get off the ground.

The project, being proposed by American Maglev Technology, does not have the roughly $400 million it would take to build the system and American Maglev's potential partner, Spanish transportation company Globalvia, says it would be open to building and operating a light rail system instead.


Either system, which would include a stop at Florida Mall, would aim to be housed at the intermodal terminal Orlando International Airport plans to open in mid-2017.

A maglev or light rail system would need permits from the Florida Department of Transportation, Orange County, the Central Florida Expressway Authority, and the airport to use their land. American Maglev Technology CEO Tony Morris has declined to comment on the project since Globalvia this fall began discussing a light rail system with airport officials.

There is no construction start date for either a maglev or a light rail. The goal has been completion in mid-2017, in sync with the opening of the airport's intermodal terminal.


LOCATION: Orange County, between Orlando International Airport and Orange County Convention Center

OWNER: American Maglev Technology and possibly Globalvia

START DATE: To be determined

END DATE: Aiming for Spring 2017

PROJECT BUDGET: $400 million

GENERAL CONTRACTORHensel Phelps Contruction Co.

DESCRIPTION: A $400 million rail system that would link Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center, with a stop at Florida Mall.