Osceola negotiating with boat manufacturer for lakefront site in NeoCity

Osceola County is negotiating again with a private corporation that could make the first significant investment in its NeoCity tech district.

Commissioners on Monday approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a company, referred to as "Project Blue," to build an "innovation center for the development of technologically advanced watercraft."


If that sounds familier, it should.  Last July, commissioners in July approved an MOU with another unnamed private industry user dubbed "Project Villach" which made a similar comittment. Both companies want direct access to the district's 155-acre lake, which is under construction and should be completed this year.

County Manager Don Fisher told GrowthSpotter he had few details about the Project Blue, but the user was brought to Osceola by the same person who connected the county with Villach.


"I take them seriously," he said.

The county failed to close the a deal with Villach last year despite offering free land, generous tax refunds and other incentives.

"We will negotiate some sort of incentive package," Fisher said. "Deals like this can take a while to put together. We're giving ourselves 180 days to sign an agreement."

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