Wallack adds SkyLedge attraction to lineup atop Skyplex tower for 2019

A view of patrons on the EdgeWalk attraction atop the CN Tower in Toronto, which would be replicated at the Skyplex entertainment complex in Orlando in 2019.
A view of patrons on the EdgeWalk attraction atop the CN Tower in Toronto, which would be replicated at the Skyplex entertainment complex in Orlando in 2019. (Youtube.com)

UPDATED: NOVEMBER 11, 2016 4:32 PM — Developer Joshua Wallack announced Friday he has acquired the first United States location rights for EdgeWalk, adding a fifth attraction to his proposed Skyplex entertainment complex on International Drive.

To be renamed SkyLedge, the attraction will let visitors walk around the top of the future Skyplex tower, with only a safety harness holding them back from a 600-foot drop.


EdgeWalk's sole location now is atop the CN Tower in Toronto, which allows edge-walkers to circle the tower 1,168 feet above the ground.

Details on how the developer wants to shake up the approved development program for Skyplex to add more hotel rooms and entertainment retail.

"We've signed the contract, and this is a tremendously successful attraction at the CN Tower," Wallack said. "Skyplex will have the world's tallest rollercoaster and drop ride, and now we're including an experience that makes you feel like you're flying."

Guests would be escorted to the top of Skyplex's SkyScraper tower and observation deck for the SkyLedge attraction. They'll be tethered to a rail above their heads, and then can walk outside around the tower for 30 minutes.

Estimated as a $460 million investment, the Skyplex entertainment complex is projected to open in 2019, and currently has five ride attractions announced for it.

Those include what would be the world's tallest rollercoaster in Skyscraper (501 feet), the SkyFall drop ride (450 feet), SkySurf as the world's largest man-made wave pool, SkyFly double zip line ride (600 feet), and now the SkyLedge.

A number of other attractions inside the Skyplex buildings have yet to be announced, Wallack said.

The development's architect and pre-construction manager discuss what lies ahead in the coming months for structural design testing.

Duke Energy is currently performing site work on parts of the Skyplex property, Wallack said, after the developer provided the easements necessary for burying utility lines.

Southwest of the Skyplex site on the opposite side of International Drive, site work began in early October on Wallack's Hollywood Plaza parking garage next to Mango's Tropical Cafe. Excavation work for the foundation of that building should start next week, he said.

Wallack is currently back in the Orange County approval process for Skyplex, converting uses within the development program for his Skyplex Orlando PD zoning, adding more entertainment retail space, and increasing his hotel key count to 450.

On the building design and construction front, Liechtenstein-based Intamin Amusement Rides, the rollercoaster manufacturer, worked with structural engineer Celtic Engineering on plans for the entire structure's design, which had to be completed with engineering design of the ride to create a model for the wind tunnel test, which was conducted in August.

The development team expects to finalize the LUP amendment and DP in November, and have early foundation permit drawings available at that time. They can then provide a set of documents to potential suppliers of steel and concrete for material pricing on the tower, garage and hotel.

Euforria, a subsidiary of Winter Park Construction, is serving as pre-construction manager on the project, while the architect is Helman Hurvey Charvat Peacock/Architects (HHCP).

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